Fit is the most frustrating part of online shopping.

We're here to fix that.

In 60 seconds our revolutionary platform takes your selfie then determines your size recommendation and fit details allowing you to try clothes on virtually, before you purchase.

Clothing matched to your unique body.


Clothing matched to your unique body.

MySureFit technology analyzes your body measurements against garment measurements to give you a true-to-size recommendation, for a first time fit without even trying clothes on.

Guidance about your size in any brand or style.

Brands, styles, and different styles within brands seem like they should all stick to the same size standards, but they don't. A size medium in one brand, may actually be a size large in another.

Find your MySureFit size, download the app

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Try before you buy.

Imagine a world where you could see yourself in that "perfect outfit" long before you go to the store or before it arrives in the mail?

You now live in that world!

MySureFit allows you to do just that from the comfort of anywhere. You can shop all the brands you love and have them virtually added to your selfie via our virtual fitting room.


Accurate measurements
without a tape measure.

Self-measuring results in errors. MySureFit's patented technology
achieves a 98% measurement accuracy


Return rate 95% lower than typical online stores
across 150+ brands

The industry average for fit related returns is at least 50%.
Fit is the most expensive cost for brand retailers.

Why MySureFit?



Shop without ever stepping foot in a store - anytime anywhere. Find your perfect fit and look from the palm of your hand.



Share and create outfit looks with friends and family in your social community.


Try On

Step into your virtual fitting room and style your selfie wearing outfits before you buy.



Browse hundreds of today's hottest brands for the best in style - and your personal fit.



Our MySureFit technology measures your body so we can accurately recommend the best size for you. As always free shipping, free returns.



We take your privacy seriously. Your selfie and personal information are completely secure, and we won't share your information with anyone.

Fixing the fit means bringing technology into the equation.

Here's how it works


Download the app


Snap a selfie to get digitally measured in 60 seconds


Try on some clothes (virtually, of course)


See your MySureFit™ size & fit guidance


Buy your favorite looks

About Us

We're on a mission to help everyone find their perfect fit.

No matter their shape we believe everyone should be empowered to discover their personal style in a comfortable and private setting. They should also know, long before their clothing arrives in the mail, that it will fit perfectly. It's why we engineered and patented the MySureFit technology in the heart of our app.


Are you ready to fix the frustration around fit?