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The Smart Fitting Room

See it on. Know it fits.

Support a Healthy Planet.

Help shoppers find their perfect fit before making their online purchase.

Reduce inventory, packaging and shipping waste.

A fit technology proven across hundreds of brands and thousands of people, MySureFit helps brands partner with their shoppers to reduce size-related return rates to less than 5%

The MySureFit Solution


Focused on Fit

The word “size” is intricately linked with your shoppers’ deepest insecurity.


Sales that Stick

Take your fitting room back from your customer’s home closet.


Two Pics, Just Once

Just two smartphone selfies match fit with 99% accuracy.

MySureFit’s patented, secure and confidential fitting solution leads with empathy.

We guide people to the right fit every time with no measuring tape and no self-reported sizes—just your clothing on their doorstep, fitting as expected.

When customers purchase with the confidence of the right fit, shopping budgets stretch further and packages only ship one way.

Partner with shoppers to reduce returns, carry lower, accurate inventory, eliminate waste, and help ensure that items you sell online stay sold.

Shoppers complete a one-time digital fitting in the privacy of their homes—in just minutes.

With an accurate match to the best fit they are ready—and even excited—to transition to your checkout process.


Shopper loves an item on your site, but is uncertain what size to order


Shopper completes a one-time digital fitting with MySureFit


MySureFit selects the right size for the shopper, adding it to their cart to complete the purchase


Your newest e-commerce customer receives your product — with the fit they expected

Delighted customers come back and shop on your site again and again, a great fit every time

MySureFit integrates easily into your existing e-commerce platform.

Shoppers virtually try on new items right on your site.

Are you ready for a size-related return rate less than 5%?

Delight shoppers every time with MySureFit

Choose the sustainable solution that reduces returns and improves customer experience.

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Our patent-pending technology captures highly-accurate measurements. By matching your customer’s dimensions to your item-level size standards, together we deliver the perfect fit.

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